Stop spinal manipulation for neck pain researchers warn

Spinal manipulation of the neck should not be used as a treatment as it can cause stroke (British medical journal). The debate on whether spinal manipulation for the neck should be stopped as a treatment option is discussed in the paper by Neil O’Connell a lecturer at Brunel University’s Centre for research and Rehabilitation in the link below;

Spinal manipulation is widely used by chiropractors and some Physiotherapists use it to treat neck pain but a review of research showed that it only provided short-term pain relief and no long-term benefit. It also found that there appeared to be consistent evidence of an association between spinal manipulation and tears to the lining of the vertebral artery (blood vessel) in the neck, which can cause stroke.

The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) has not said that the technique should not be undertaken but that they are highlighting the potential risks to patients and will continue to highlight awareness amongst their members.

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