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How to improve your running

Merging simple yoga-based poses with strength-training challenges the core, hip and thigh muscles in ways that running doesn’t and helps minimise muscle imbalances that can lead to injury. These movements are synched to your breathing (inhaling or exhaling). How often? … Continue reading

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Can an ergonomic chair really help reduce musculoskeletal symptoms?

Research Aims A literature review was used to evaluate the effectiveness of adjustable office chairs on reducing musculoskeletal (muscle, ligament, tendon and joint) pain in the workplace. Methods/Results An extensive literature search uncovered 5 studies that met the inclusion criteria. … Continue reading

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Important muscles to exercise during and after pregnancy

There are many exercises that are considered to be safe during pregnancy and it is important to maintain your fitness – albeit with some adjustments to your usual routine. Saying this there are some exercises that are more beneficial than … Continue reading

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Sports injuries: Top 10 preventative measures

1. Start off slowly and pace yourself – This is often a common problem, it is very easy to get carried away and overdo it on the first session. Whatever exercise/training you are doing make sure you start off slowly … Continue reading

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Physio for businesses Kent

British workers are suffering physical pain as well as stress because they are working long hours, not taking lunch breaks and going to work when they are sick, research carried out for the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) has found. … Continue reading

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