Getting people back to work

Early advice and intervention for musculoskeletal issues reduces sickness absence and improves long term outcome measures. In one organisation a fast access Physiotherapy service was established with the following success;

  • First 4 months 373 employees seen
  • Sickness absence rates from musculoskeletal issues fell from 14.09% to 12.31%
  • Over 16 months musculoskeletal sickness absence rates were reduced to 9.3%
  • At 18 months there had been a 32% reduction in working days lost to musculoskeletal sickness across the organisation.

We can offer your organisation;

  • Access to prompt Physiotherapy assessments
  • Appropriate and timely management and advice for musculoskeletal injuries
  • Telephone and email advice to enable employees to self manage their injury more effectively
  • Recommendations on workplace adjustments where appropriate
  • Advice and support during return to work for managers and employees.

Contact us today for more details on how Physiotherapy can help save your company money.

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