Cricket injuries

4 most common cricket injuries

1.    Running injuries

Hamstring pulls are common in cricketers, especially in players who spend their week sitting down which causes an imbalance between the hamstrings (underused when sitting) and the hip flexing muscles (shorten when sitting).

To rebalance this, you must train your hamstrings to move efficiently while you are running, jogging and sprinting.

Additionally (and as a bare minimum if you are not training) make sure your warm up includes hip extension.

2. Throwing injuries

Both throwing and bowling involve a lot of work from the muscles in your shoulders. This is particularly true of the stabilising muscles such as the rotator cuff.

The answer is to ensure you are using ‘prehab’ style exercises for these stabilising muscles.

3. Back injuries

Bowlers are most likely to get lower back problems through overuse, even if they have a good strong action.

The stronger the muscles of your back and trunk the less chance of injury. Press ups and planks are useful exercises to include in training sessions.

Avoid lumbar flexion exercises like crunches and sit ups. They have been shown by back experts to exhibit a large amount of force on the lower back while doing them. This can weaken the back for when you bowl. It can also lead to poor posture which is another indicator of back related injury in athletes.

4. Lower limb injuries

Apart from the hamstrings there are a number of other possible issues, especially for bowlers. Hips and ankles need to be both strong and mobile. Knees need to be strong and stable.

Before you train or hit the gym it’s important to do some work to make sure you have a full range of movement in both your hips and ankles. This can be done easily in the warm up with ankle mobility exercises and a dynamic warm up.

For more advice about preventing injuries or if you have an injury and need help contact us today.

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