Fashion magazine Grazia talks about Ergonomics and Posture!

Even Grazia is talking about Ergonomics and the importance of good posture. Increasingly we are spending more time sitting using laptops, smartphones, tablets, i-pads and this is only likely to increase. We can find ourselves sitting for prolonged periods and often in poor, slumped postures which can lead to back and neck pain and at the very least result in these postures becoming more fixed.

Some very simple suggestions include:

  • Try Pilates. Pilates involves using the core muscles which help support our spine. Performing simple Pilates exercises can help improve flexibility and improve posture.
  • Yoga- this is different from Pilates but has some great benefits in terms of improving flexibility and posture.
  • Move – try to avoid sitting for long periods (more than 1 hour) without getting up and moving around. Walking is one of the best ways to off load/take the pressure of your low back. Stand up ‘proud’ with shoulders gently braced back. Imagine you have a balloon tied to your head and this is gently pulling you up.
  • Try the neck retraction exercise – sit or stand up tall, flatten your face slightly then retract your head backwards, as if someone’s hand is coming towards you, repeat 5-6 times.
  • Stretch – after sitting stand up, place your hands in the small of your low back and gently stretch back. Perform this stretch slowly 1-2 times each time you stand up.

Remember, we are not designed to sit for long periods of time, we need to ensure that when using laptops, computers etc that we set things up optimally so we can maintain a good posture and we need to MOVE!

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