Workplace Physio Kent

Workplace Physio Kent

Workplace Physio Kent

Sickness absence (SA) is a major drain on the UKs productivity. It is estimated that the annual cost of sickness absence per employee is £517. If you are an employer do you know;

  • What are you SA costs?
  • Why do your staff go off sick? Back pain? Neck pain?
  • Are there SA trends? What could you do to prevent these?

There is consistent evidence that health and well being initiatives reduce SA and improve productivity.

Physiotherapists can;

  • Prevent people from going off work in the first place with quick access to diagnosis and treatment
  • Get people back to full duties with prompt management of the injury/symptoms
  • Facilitate a return to work and offer guidance to managers.

Musculoskeletal injury preventative strategies including ergonomics education and assessments and quick access to treatment can help to reduce SA, improve staff moral, productivity and reduce staff turn over.



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