Occupational Health Physiotherapy

  • Sickness absence costs the UK around £15 billion annually in lost economic output
  • £13 billion is spent on health related state benefits
  • In the NHS almost 40% of staff sickness absence is due to musculoskeletal conditions,
  • e.g. back pain
  • 5% of sickness absence becomes long term, lasts over four weeks and accounts for
  • almost half of the total working days lost each year
  • There is an 80% chance that if absent for six months an individual will be out of work for five years.

Work is good for the health of the working population, yet sickness absence due to common health related conditions remains significantly high in the UK. This cost burden to individuals, employers and society can be avoided with rapid intervention. Occupational health physiotherapists are able to provide preventative and reactive services for keeping people at work or helping workers return quickly after sickness absence.

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