trainingLegislative requirements mean that employers are legally required to train employees if they perform manual handling tasks and/or use DSE equipment. Training should include awareness of risks and stategies to avoid injury.

Our comprehensive and practical training packages include;

  • Manual handling awareness training (inanimate loads) Our manual handling training includes a class based lecture and then a site visit to practice techniques and discuss challenges that colleagues face as part of their normal role. This practical component is really critical for effective training. We can help employers to meet their legal requirement of The Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 that specifies the need for information, instruction, training and supervision for manual handling tasks.
  • DSE risk assessor training This one day course will take the delegate to a competency where he or she can carry out a DSE risk assessment in accordance with the DSE regulations (1992 and 2002). Typical delegates include: H&S advisors, occupational health advisors, facility managers and significant others responsible for employee wellbeing. Display screen equipment (DSE) assessments are not only a legal requirement, done correctly they can actually help combat the musculoskeletal disorders, reduced concentration levels and other ill-health effects that are symptomatic of time spent at poorly-designed workstations.
  • Ergonomics for schools This awareness sessions will help teachers to recognise best practice for themselves and pupils.

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