Marathon training – common injuries and reasons they occur

‘The big three’

The three most common issues for runners are;

1. “Runner’s knee” or Iliotibial friction syndrome (ITB). This is THE most common injury to the  lateral knee (21%).

It is an inflammation of the fat pad/ perosteum/distal ITB tendon. It presents as a gradual increase in pain during running, which may disappear afterwards with rest. It can also be stiff later especially with walking down stairs.

2. “Shin Splints” or medial tibial stress syndrome (MTSS)

3. “Achilles pain” or Achilles tendinopathy

Common reasons for the above issues are:

  • Too much mileage too soon
  • Too much speed work too soon
  • Hills too often and/or too fast
  • Too little recovery
  • Novices attempting programmes of more experienced runners
These injuries are usually cumulative in nature and build up over time. Early assessment and treatment is vital to avoid more ongoing issues that could impact your training. Rest, exercises to address any muscle imbalance issues, soft tissue treatments, training advice and footwear  can all be important to address these common running problems.
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