Spinal damage at 0mph

Do you look like this when working…? Do you regularly work from your laptop without docking…?

If so then you are increasing your risk of neck, arm and low back pains.

x-ray-of-bad-postureTo avoid issues you need to first ensure that you have docked and are using the appropriate equipment i.e. Docking station and separate mouse and keyboard. 

When you have the correct equipment take the time to adjust the chair so that the spine is supported in a neutral ‘S shape’, your feet should be on the floor or footrest and the forearms should be parallel to and supported on the desk. The screen should be level with your horizontal line of vision and the mouse and keyboard positioned so that the arms are relaxed by your sides i.e. the elbows in line with the shoulders.

If you are unsure about how to adjust your workstation or have other queries relating to DSE tasks then please contact Sarah Verrion.

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