Preventing tennis injuries

Sports Physio Deal

Sports Physio Deal

There is substantial evidence that static stretching may inhibit performance in strength and power activities. It is therefore common practice for all professional tennis players to do a dynamic warm up/warm up with movement.

To best prepare for tennis and reduce the risk of injury it is recommended that the dynamic warm up includes tennis specific skills and movement patterns.

Aerobic (5 – 10 minutes)

  • Straight line jogging x5 laps of the court increasing pace
  • Directional changes and lateral movement
    • Run and turn
    • Side stepping / cross over step (+/- with rapid directional changes)
    • Split step followed by FH and BH volley
    • Split step followed by FH and BH return of serve
    • Shadow hit smash

For the above running drills the objective should be to progressively increase your intensity.

Dynamic stretching (5 – 10 minutes)

  • Lunge walks
  • Hurdle step over
  • Buttock kicks
  • Jump for height (use arms)
  • Back rotation
  • Rotate and touch
  • Leg swings (all directions)
  • Arm swings (all directions)
  • Theraband for shoulder (light resistance / high reps)

Dynamic stretching guidelines

  • Gradually increase your range of movement as your body warms up
  • Aim for 12 -15 repetitions (this can be more depending on how tight you feel)

Tennis specific skills (10 – 15 minutes)

The objective should be to simulate match conditions

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